Selectic takes sound quality to a whole new level: it’s truly hearing in its purest form. This is a dream that can only be realised by using the latest innovations in hearing aid technology.

Living your life, the way you want it. Selectic Hearing aids will provide the best possible sound of life to you. No matter what situation you are in. Be in touch with your environment. Made possible with the latest audiological insights and technology available.
Fast acting digital signal processors on a powerful chip give you pure hearing in all situations. Selectic con- tains a set of features which ensures the best possible performance in its best and purest form.

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Imagine this: unbelievably small hearing aids with big performance. Selectic has one mission; to offer unprecedented sound quality in a highly innovative and comfortable design. Selectic hearing aids come in a variety of form factors.

Each designed to ensure wearing comfort and for optimal discretion. All behind the ear models come in a range of colors. For those who prefer a customized in the ear device, a hearing aid is created with a truly innovative design made from high tech titanium material. Selectic offers a hearing aid to match all your hearing, lifestyle and aesthetic wishes.