Living your life, the way you want it. Selectic Hearing aids will provide the best possible sound of life to you. No matter what situation you are in. Be in touch with your environment. Made possible with the latest audiological insights and technology.

Fast acting digital signal processors on a powerful chip give you pure hearing in all situations. Selectic contains a set of functionalities which ensures the best possible performance in its best and purest form.


Hear the full spectrum of life’s sounds. Enjoy the joyful laughter of children playing. The sweet melodies of birds singing. This is possible by increasing access to high-frequency sounds, which provides improved overall audibility.

This functionality enable you to hear and understand new sounds such as birds singing, crickets chirping, children’s voices and the ring of a doorbell audible.


Pure Hearing is our claim. Situations with pure sounds, however, are sparse, most sounds are complex. Thanks to the intelligent capabilities of Selectic hearing aids, listening is made easy. Whether at home, in your car or in your favorite restaurant, Selectic will automatically blend the best programs in real-time to match your sound environment. All you have to do is turn them on and enjoy.

With today’s technology, hearing aids improve speech understanding in even the most challenging listening situations. However, there are situations where an added boost can be useful. In combination with your Selectic hearing aids, Selectic wireless accessories connect you to the world around you, providing comfort and boosting performance in multiple listening situations such as:

  • * Conversations in a noisy environment On the phone

  • * Watching TV

  • * Listening over distance

  • * Listening to music


Selectic rechargeable hearing aids combine our latest high-performance technology with the latest battery technology. You can enjoy the freedom and condence of knowing that your Selectic hearing aid is charged conveniently and ready to take you through long days… and nights, if necessary. You are able to charge with a simple 3-hour charge. If you’re in a rush, you can rely on a short 30-minute charge to give you up to 6 hours of full performance. Charge up wherever you are with Power Pack, without having to worry about running out of power.

  • * Easy handling

  • * Quick charging

  • * Offers a full day of hearing with one simple charge

  • * Innovative built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery


Active participation in group situations, social settings such as restaurants and conversations with fellow passengers in a car or train are well known challenges. Innovative technology will help you to understand speech more clearly, even with background noise.

Selectic hearing aids preserve the single voice you want to hear from a noisy crowd. When noise reaches a level that makes understanding difficult, it automatically adjusts to allow you to really focus on your conversation partner.